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Welcome to the Captain’s Cap Local Reviews

   Reviews   June 30, 2014  6 Comments

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6 Comments so far:

  1. Holly says:

    This location is closer to home than the original on Linwood Road and I really like the food here. The staff is very friendly and I love the fact you get a salad with your meal. I love the oysters, Canadian skinless flounder and the marinated beef strips – those are some of my favorites.

  2. David says:

    This place is amazing.

  3. Amanda says:

    This place is great. would highly recommend the Captain’s Cap for dinner!

  4. NancyStan Riggenbach says:

    We experienced our first visit to Captain’s Cap in Denver, NC last evening. It was completely delightful! Warm friendly service, delicious food (best fried ocean perch and talapia EVER), very refreshing pink lemonade AND a tasty fresh salad bar included in the meal. Loved the decor. We will return……and return….and return. Thank you!

  5. Bob Mullis says:

    We are leaving for 2 months in the Florida Keys this coming Thursday. Seafood will be abound when we get there. First Stop, Gastonia to eat at Captain’s Cap. Haven’t been there in a while but we know that is where we will eat dinner. I love the fried scallops. We live in De so we wili shoot by Gastonia on our journey south.

  6. lisa davenport says:

    We only live a couple of miles from the Captain, and has been quite a while since we have eaten there. Due to the fact that many people have said that the prices have gone up and the quality has went down. So last week we were in the mood for some good old southern fried seafood and we did always love Captain’s Cap seafood many years before. So we gave in. We had been doing yard work that Saturday, then we remembered they also had the convenient drive-thur window.So we were set all we had to do was place a order, I really think that was the hardest part of the day. I wanted everything it had been so long since we had eaten any seafood it was going to be hard to make a choice..But we finally did I I ordered the combination plate of Fillet of flounder, Green shrimp And oysters fried lightly. In another order We had a combination platter of Filet of flounder, Fantail shrimp And oysters fried lightly. And of course your sides all the Hush Puppies you could ,Your choice of baked potato sweet potato or onion rings or french fries. Plus you get your coleslaw,Tartar sauce, And cocktail sauce. They told us 15 minutes to pick up. I couldn’t believe when we got the food home, how hot it still was from the drive. And the food was divine. As far as the quantity 4 people could have eaten off those two boxes of food. The bill tip included was less than $30. I think in the near future I’ll be a few more Saturday spent with the Captain. Keep doing what you’re doing Captain’s Cap Seafood on Linwood Rd Gastonia NC and my grandchildren will be able to take their families there and enjoy what we’ve enjoyed all these years. Thank you

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